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Car body development What moves us. The use of future-oriented materials.

A car body is marked by a high degree of complexity and automation. Our qualified staff offers you vast
knowledge about procedures and processes in order to fulfill your requirements completely and to deliver
the perfect complete solution to you.


Our core skills in the car body development area:

Car body structures

Body assembly development:
Our performance spectrum covers the complete process chain from the idea to series maturity.

For example, the structural configuration in coordination with design and package, the design of car body parts in CATIA V5 and ICEM SURF under consideration of strength, stiffness, crash behaviour, manufacturability and, last not least, cost. Furthermore, we create tolerance and joining concepts as well as single component and assembly drawings according to customer-specific standards.

The concept preparation for acoustic measures is performed in close cooperation with acoustics experts.
We perform the package investigations, the design of the 3D models, the derivation of drawings, the DMU test and the coordination of the assembly planning with the supplier, as well as the preparation of the PDM sheets.


Door, hatch and closing systems From concept to series maturity

For more than 20 years already, we are working as a development services provider in the area of door, hatch and closing systems for the automotive industry. Our customers appreciate our complex development competence from the concept phase via design and simulation, testing construction and component tests up to overall vehicle testing. Using cutting edge development and simulation tools we are able to fulfil the increasing quality requirements of our customers with a professional engineer team.

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  • Development of doors and door concepts
    We work on design-accompanying projects covering door development extents. Starting with package investigations, creation of sectional view folders and draft drawings, up to the preparation of 3D models and series drawings in CATIA - everything at one stop. If necessary, Class-A surfaces are created in ICEM-Surf.

    We lay a special focus on lightweight concepts with a modern material mix consisting of steels of high and highest strength, aluminium alloys and CFK materials.
  • Locking ssystem development
    We cover all extents for the integration of door and hatch closing systems, including crash optimisation, the implementation of theft protection measures, and the configuration and optimisation of traction cable laying.

  • Development of hatches
    For the development of hatches, we design the components in aluminium lightweight construction, taking into account a dimensioning suitable to loads and manufacturing processes.

  • Locking system development
    We offer you the entire package of door and hatch closing systems. We also take over crash optimisation, the implementation of theft protection measures, and the configuration and optimisation of traction cable laying.

Overall vehicle development

As an engineering partner, we offer you – apart from our specialist development teams – all advantages of our cross-process overall vehicle competence, for a targeted implementation of your ideas. In this area, all data of a series are compiled and tested with respect to their situation and structure on product components and to their modular build-up.

Special projects

Our performance spectrum includes the design, the build-up, and the support of projects in special vehicle construction, as e. g. technology carriers, special vehicles and small series. For this, we use future-oriented technologies and procedures, as e. g. hydro-forming. We also develop the manufacturing and testing devices required for the build-up, as well as prototype tools.

  • Technology carriers:
    We develop test platform concepts for you, perform package and installation investigations for all components, combine series components with development statuses, and coordinate the design and the build-up of the car body and the mounting of sub-assemblies.

  • Special vehicles:
    For the build-up of special vehicles, we perform the draft and the necessary package investigations, perform the contouring – the preparation of surfaces in highest quality – in ICEM SURF, design the body assembly, the glazing, the interior, as well as the necessary tools, and support you up to the start-up.

  • Armoured cars:
    We develop armouring concepts for all resistance classes for the build-up of armoured cars. Furthermore we perform the manufacturing of pressed parts and welding assemblies up to FB4, and armour steel hot pressed parts, patented and installed in OEM series vehicles, up to FB7. Moreover, we take over the development and the integration of special equipments, as well as the adaptation or new development of the interior.

  • Manufacturing and testing devices:
    We develop and build manufacturing devices for small series and prototype construction, as well testing devices for checking joints, contours, hole patterns etc.

You can find more information in our performance area > Prototype construction



  • Prototype tools:
    We can also offer you the development and the construction of prototype tools for sheet metal forming and laminated parts.

  • Car body parts for special vehicles:
    We also have competence for the manufacturing of car body parts for special vehicles. We design car body parts for technology carriers under consideration of all customer requirements. as e. g. air guide and construction space, in series-similar looks.

Add-on parts/exterior parts

Our competence in the area of glazing and exterior trim is focused on supporting project control, development and construction.

We offer our assistance for the design support under consideration of constructive and manufacturing aspects, perform installation and kinematic investigations for you, and support you in DMU, package and supplier management.


From concept to series maturity, we perform for you the concept configuration and the development of pillar, door and luggage compartment panels as well as of the interior for series vehicles.

  • Concept configuration:
    This includes the preparation of package plans as well as ergonomics, field of vision and passenger protection investigation. This is done under the consideration of crash requirements and the dimensioning and positioning of airbag systems.
  • Pillar panels:
    We perform for you the development of design concepts, package and function investigations, air guidance configuration, detailed construction, preparation of approval documents and tolerance analyses.
  • Door panels:
    We perform for you the development of design concepts, package and function investigations, air guidance configuration, detailed construction, preparation of approval documents and tolerance analyses.
  • Luggage compartment panels: 
    We perform for you the package, the vehicle ventilation configuration, the material-related construction, and the integration of special equipment. 
  • Interior for special vehicles: 
    We offer you development competence from the concept phase up to the support of the build-up.


In the series development of vehicles, the contouring is the interface between design, construction, ergonomics, vehicle safety and quality assurance. Apart from the preparation of digital surface data in Class A quality, the development process is driven essentially due to the initial constructive design of a component. Our employees have long-standing experience in series contouring and set standards when it comes to the creation of stylistically high-quality surfaces.



CAD design

Our experienced DAD model makers support the design team during the creation of ideas and designs in the pre-development phase. Together with the designer, we develop initial digital surface models according to sketches and package plans, directly on the screen. These are the basis for milled models or for virtual presentations. We convert your visions to digital reality – with ICEM Surf.