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Performance spectre » Drivetrain development

Drivetrain development What motivates us: The realisation of an environment-friendly motor vehicle.

The development of innovative drive concepts is essential for the future of the automobile. Electric drives and hybrid drives will supplement the classical combustion engines.

The careful use of natural resources as well as the considerable reduction of contaminants of vehicles are among the most important tasks. FES/AES is your best strategic partner for alternative approaches due to our long-lasting experience in the competence areas of exhaust systems, SCR tank systems and electric mobility.

Using efficient development processes, we work in a customer-oriented and targeted way, towards your ideas and tasks. Our performance scope begins with first feasibility studies or concepts, and reaches up to the integration of the drive into the vehicle.
A one-stop service.


The following skills are unified in drive system development area:

Your contact in the drive system and electric mobility development area:

Development of exhaust systems From the manifold flange to the tail pipe end cap

We develop exhaust systems under consideration of engine power, acoustics, lifetime and cost. As a development partner of leading car manufacturers and suppliers, we support the complete project development process between technology and project management.


Performance offer

  • Concept proposals for the pre-development under the consideration of modular system concept, manufacturing process, fixing and assembly, conformity to laws
  • Alignment of functional characteristics with our customers with respect to quality assurance, strength, acoustics, assembly, customer service and logistics
  • Technical preparation of PDM sheets, filling of bill of materials, system filling
  • Package check
  • Supply of prototype parts for driving and test bench tests as well as Rapid Prototyping
  • Acoustic samples up to series development
  • Integration of active noise reduction components (anti-noise)
  • Flow optimised piping
  • Design of tail pipe end caps including prototyping

SCR tank systems Low-emission technologies, complying with standards

Modern, efficient diesel engines are operated with a high amount of excess air when under partial load. A selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reduces the nitric oxides, generated in the combustion chamber and harmful to the environment, to N2 and O2, by injecting an aqueous urea solution.

Different to the diesel particulate filter (DPF), this procedure does not lead to higher fuel consumption. However, the operating medium AdBlue, necessary for the SCR technology, must be provided in an additional tank and injected into the exhaust gas flow as required. The company FES/AES is a strategic partner of Audi for the development of these systems.

Electric mobility Electric mobility Electrical traction

Electric drives open up hitherto unimaginable possibilities to vehicle development with respect to efficiency, driving dynamics and flexibility.

Motivated by the FESCINATION for traction systems, our team works towards the efficient implementation of your specifications and ideas.

Our performance spectre reaches from the concept elaboration and basic design of the electric drive via the development and integration of all necessary components up to the build-up and testing of components, systems, and prototypes.

Support and co-ordination of customer projects:

  • Requirement definition with ordering party
  • Preparation of product and requirement specifications
  • Time schedule preparation
  • Coordination of development tasks
  • Change management
  • Regular status meetings with status report
  • Safeguarding




System test / component test:

  • Testing planning
  • Testing in accredited testing laboratory, in-house
  • Evaluation and documentation
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