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Automotive legislation International technical vehicle standards.

International technical vehicle standards. With respect to development, design, registration and operation of each and every vehicle on national level, but also and in particular with respect to foreign countries, vehicle manufacturers must comply with a multitude of laws, regulations, guidelines and instructions published by legislative institutions as well as by international organisations and committees. Our employees collect the most important vehicle technology-related regulations from all over the world and translate important parts of these.

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Our employees collect the most important vehicle technology-related regulations from all over the world, in particular from Europe (EU and UN/ECE regulations), the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Asia, Japan, Australia etc., update these according to the official amendment instructions of the respective country, prepare them in a user-friendly manner, and arrange these, in their original versions as well as in their English and possibly German translations, in an on-line database. These are regulations from all vehicle technology fields, with the focus on topical and frequently asked issues, as e.g. legislation referring to exhaust emissions, electric mobility, alternative propulsion concepts, as well as vehicle design and vehicle safety. For the processing of vehicle technology related regulations, we also investigate current document versions and modification instructions.

Specialist translations

We edit and translate vehicle technology-specific regulations and other specialist texts, in particular from English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and French, in our own house – for other languages, the co-operation with reliable translation partners has proven its worth. Beyond this, we also edit existing translations.

For the optimisation of our translation process, we use a powerful translation tool (translation memory system), retrieving translations which are already checked and ensuring the use of defined terminology by means of integrated user dictionaries.