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The documentation prepared by our editors is impressively supplemented by the possibilities of our graphic designers. They are a central part of our department. We use a vast software palette for the preparation of our products in order to fulfil the different specifications of our customers.

LS TD Visualisierung


We also create the graphics that go along with the corresponding documentation. Sketches and photos are the basis for line drawings, explosion drawings and sectional drawings. Complex 3D illustrations can be developed from existing design data and modelling tools.

2D/3D computer animation

2D computer animation:
Animations often permit a better representation of technical details and contexts. In most cases, simply 2D animations are sufficient for this. We prepare an animation for your product according to your requirements. Using a script, we can integrate own proposals and coordinate these with the customer prior to implementation. Delivery is performed in form of a file or by means of a movie with explaining voiceover

3D computer animation:
Complex systems can more easily be explained in three-dimensional space. Existing design data often serve as a basis for the preparation of 3D animations. However, complete new productions are possible, too. They can also be delivered in file form. Animations provided by the customer can be edited and supplemented e. g. with explaining voiceover. Beyond this, interactive movement simulations in free space can also be realised.

Preparation of CD/DVD

Common output media of multimedia applications are CD-Rom and DVD. We compile the contents and take care for the reproduction. We produce the print products necessary for this, as e. g. cover, booklet and inlay card, also in versions translated to other languages.

Video/audio editing

We produce digital video and audio recording for your training documentation. The final editing and the coding is performed to a medium desired by the customer. We produce dubbed voiceover for the edited video. Audio features as e.g. sounds and noises, or the integration of 2D/3D animations, is also possible.


Fair/exhibition design:
We realise the complete design of your booth for fairs and exhibitions. Out of various drafts you can select the variant to be realised. A virtual walk through the three-dimensional space is also possible.

Function tables:
Function tables are an excellent means for a clear representation of technical processes in training courses. We also prepare other training models for your products.

Poster design:
We design placards and posters for presentations and marketing events. We also care for the production of these