Training programs Training demands rise with the advancing technical development.

For this, we support the manufacturers by preparing different training materials. They support the employees and the trainers in the preparation and in the implementation of training measures on dealer level, and afterwards serve as source of information.

LS TD Schulungsprogramme Pano

Self-study programs

The production cycles of technical products become increasingly shorter. Thus, the training demands of the service staff rise with the advancing technical development.

We prepare special self-study programs for your products, enabling faster learning. Starting with the contents investigation, on request we perform the compete textual and graphical design. We design the layout under consideration of CI and customer requirements. Translation into other languages is also possible.

Training modules

Training courses with actually present participants offer a very high learning intensity. For this, we organise the training course with everything that goes along with that, e. g. training presentations, trainer information, participant documents and check lists.

Practical relevance is crucial for this. Therefore we plan your training modules under consideration of the practical skills of your employees. Translation into other languages is also possible.

Multimedia programs

For complex contents, interactive learning offers versatile possibilities. We develop the corresponding learning programs for this. They can be retrieved from CD/DVD, via the Internet, oder from other suitable media.
Thus, different animations can be easily integrated into this medium.