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Guided troubleshooting Analysis, visualisation and programming for service operation.

The service operation of today is unimaginable without modern diagnosis devices. Our employees prepare test programs for these devices to be used by the service staff for securely finding faults in electrical systems.

Preparation of a Guided Troubleshooting

The preparation of Guided Troubleshooting has enormous influence on the service process within the customer service. The preparation of troubleshooting strategies is the first step in creating the fundamentals for the software development process in coordination with the corresponding development department. Subsequently, programming is performed on the basis of these approved troubleshooting strategies; however, additional control unit-specific information, as e. g. specifications, start-up instructions etc., must also be considered for this. After that, a preliminary check of the test sequence is performed.

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Intensive diagnostic test (IDT)

IDT ensures a testing on workshop level of the prepared Guided Troubleshooting. The prepared function flows and control unit communications are verified here. The activation of electrical faults for provoking event memory entries is only one of the possibilities to generate the necessary error pattern.

Additionally, work flows as e. g. basic adjustment or calibration, are aligned to other customer service documents (repair guideline etc.). The documentation of the testing results is the starting point for the further development process.

Maintenance during the product life cycle

During the product life cycle, steady contact is maintained with the Development Department, the Technical Service Center, Product Maintenance, Quality Assurance and the dealers. The results from the analysis and the observation of field problems have the same influence on the continuous maintenance of the Guided Troubleshooting as the optimisation of the program sequence and the further development of the product.

Department approval of Guided Troubleshooting authoring system

The testing of advanced provisions of the authoring system will be performed according to specification focuses of the Guided Troubleshooting authors, with respect to fault elimination, optimisation and further development.
The documentation of the testing results is the starting point for the further software development process of the authoring system.