Owner´s manual

With the increasing complexity of products, a clearly structured and understandable documentation becomes ever more important to the user. We prepare complete operating instructions for your product, we edit existing instructions, or individual topics.

For this, we investigate new contents for you, e. g. on new equipment and technical changes. We assume the responsibility for the contents, the design and the processes. We develop a corresponding layout with you, or we implement your CI specifications.

LS TD Betriebsanleitungen Pano

Overall vehicle

The extent of the operating instructions of an overall vehicle starts with opening the hood and ends with changing the light bulb of a rear light. For the preparation of contents we accompany the product development process of the vehicle in close coordination with the implied departments.

This includes investigation on technical changes and new equipment in specifications, virtual vehicles, or directly at the prototype. We prepare the corresponding instructions including layout and meaningful graphics. A verification of the operating instructions against the series vehicle is a fixed component of our quality assurance.

Additional instructions

Specific market requirements (laws), special models or special accessories often require an extension of the existing vehicle operating instructions. Additional instructions are a useful supplement in this case.
We gladly undertake the necessary investigation on the deviation of equipments, or the investigation of market specific conditions. For this, we regard the specific requirements of special development projects as a challenge.

Software manuals

The user needs understandable documentation in order to be able to effectively apply the programs prepared by you. We prepare complete instructions for you, exactly tailored to your product, from a suitable layout up to the finished manual, no matter whether as a printout or an interactive variant.